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CD ''Aeons Of Oblivion''

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  1. Pandemonium
  2. Hellmouth
  3. Temple of Taglaroth
  4. Aeons of Oblivion
  5. Graveborn
  6. The Offering
  7. Oedipism
  8. Dawn of Corruption
  9. Cryogenesis
  10. The Void
  11. The Eternal Lament
  12. Dusk of Anguish
  13. Ritual I : Cyklus
  14. Ritual II : Ravka
  15. Ritual III : Vermillion Rivers
  16. Ritual IV : Hull of Crows
  17. The Tyrannt's Covenant
  18. Maledictus
  19. Argent Debt (Re-mastered, bonus song)

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