DISTANT is a 4-piece crushing DOWNTEMPO DEATHCORE band hailing from Rotterdam, The Netherlands and Bratislava, Slovakia. 

Distant, the embodiment of energy, intensity, and sheer brutality in the realm of deathcore, stand as a formidable force in the heavy music landscape. Originating from the juxtaposed locales of Rotterdam, The Netherlands, and Bratislava, Slovakia, this collective concocts a sonic amalgamation, melding hyper-dissonant downtempo deathcore, slamming brutal death metal, and beatdown into a maelstrom of heaviness that engulfs the senses.

Since their inception in 2014, Distant has commanded attention, unleashing their inaugural EP, "Slither," upon the world in 2015. Their meteoric rise surged with the critically acclaimed release of "Tsukuyomi" in 2017, solidifying their position as a force to be reckoned with. However, it was with their debut full-length album, "Tyrannotophia," under the banner of Unique Leader Records, that they truly cemented their musical prowess.

Driven by an unwavering commitment to delivering riveting yet ferociously aggressive compositions, Distant continued to assert their dominance with successive EPs in 2020 and 2021, laying the foundation for their monumental three-part saga, "Aeons Of Oblivion." This opus not only expanded upon the rich tapestry of Tyrannotophia but also introduced a captivating narrative, complemented by the release of the novel "The Rise of Tyrannotophia" in 2021, offering fans a deeper immersion into the band's fictional universe.

Drawing inspiration from the esoteric and the arcane, Distant transcends the confines of mere musicality, presenting themselves as storytellers with a profound tale to share and a legacy to carve. As their fictional universe of Tyrannotophia continues to evolve, it's evident that Distant's narrative prowess is poised to captivate audiences far beyond the confines of the stage.

In 2023, Distant unveiled their magnum opus, "Heritage," courtesy of Century Media Records, further solidifying their position as torchbearers of the genre and heralding a new chapter in their illustrious journey. As their sonic odyssey unfolds, one thing remains certain: Distant's narrative is far from reaching its conclusion, promising a future where their world of Tyrannotophia becomes an inescapable reality for all who dare to listen.

2014-09: First single ‘’Gallant’’   
2015-06 : EP ‘’Slither’’   
2016-01: Single ‘’One Step Closer (Linkin Park cover)’’   
2017-02: Single ‘’The Broken Cross’’   
2017-06: Videoclip ‘’Tsukuyomi’’   
2017-07: EP ‘’Tsukuyomi’’   
2017-10: Single ''Inside Out (Shrill Whispers cover)''  
2018-05: Single ''Endgame'' 
2018-11: Single ''Zeroten'' 
2019-03: Single ''Heirs of Torment''
2019-06: Full length album ''Tyrannotophia''
2020-04: Single "Argent Debt"
2020-09: Single "Hellmouth"
2020-10: Single ''Oedipism''
2020-10: EP ''Dawn Of Corruption''
2021-01: Single ''The Eternal Lament''
2021-03: EP ''Dusk Of Anguish''
2021-07: Full-lenght album "Aeons Of Oblivion"
2022-02: Single ''Cursed''
2022-08: Single ''Exofilth''
2022-10: Single ''Human Scum''
2022-12: Single ''Orphan Of Blight''

2023-01: Single ''Argent Justice'
2023-02: Full-lenght album "Heritage"